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Mindfuless Meditation for O

I’ve been meaning to start a daily mindfulness meditation practice for a long time, but thanks to this assignment from O, The Oprah Magazine, I actually started one. (And then got to participate in a full-day photo shoot that involved almost getting attacked by a bull.)

We’ve all had the experience of sensing time decelerate naturally when we’re not so thrilled about what we’re doing (think torturous spinning class or hour-long “synergy workshop” at the office). As my dear grandmother would have said, it takes only one colonoscopy to prove that time is relative. But what about the more enjoyable times in life? I hoped that practicing the popular and proven type of meditation called mindfulness—which focuses on bringing awareness to the present moment—might help me slow those times down as well.

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  1. jeff shimp Says:

    I recently read your story on NPR, than checked out this page and much to my amazement saw you are giving meditation a chance again even after your horrific experience in Korea. Something to remember, meditation is a chance for us as human beings to connect to the moment. Sometimes these moment feels like hell, such as doing hundreds of prostrations and doing work that you don’t like. As human beings this brings up many opinions of likes and dislikes. Meditation helps us to examine these likes and dislikes and eventually let go of our attachment to them. Attachment to opinions in many cases are the cause of suffering in life. I am happy that you have been able to experience so many likes and dislikes during your travels. My question to you is, where do these likes and dislikes come from and when the moment passes where do they go?
    Good luck in your practice, may you soon get enlightenment and help all sentient beings.

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